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I'm The One - Zayskii
Pretty Yellow - Yellow Luxx
Free Fall - Rocco

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Pretty Yellow - Yellow Luxx
Coach Myk - Lets Ball
Home of the Braves Cover
Nasty - Shiva Soulit
1 Not the 2 - Jefferey

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Up-to-the-second access to access to data. Know your stats, and make the right moves with them.

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Take advantage of using the strategy and team behind Zaytoven and Familiar Territory Records.

Built by artists and producers, Zaytown Global is designed to facilitate the success and growth of an artist which can only be done with proper access.

Zaytown Global offers monthly data to every artist allowing them to know where and when the music is being played allowing artists to be in control of their success. Giving them access to the vast network of connections embeded in the company.

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Don’t fight for the spotlight on someone else’s stage, Zaytown Global let’s you build your own.

We all know streams isn’t what pays the bills. Through Zaytown Global, artists can sell beats, merch and even tickets directly through the application.

Zaytown Global’s unique affiliation within the US Radio and DJ community offers playlisting opportunities for platform artists that expand far beyond the platform itself.


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